About Me

Hello!  My name is Lori Othen and I married and Englishman.  Which is how I came to be an American living in Norfolk, United Kingdom.  We have a small attached bungalow in the village of Hellesdon which is just outside of the city limits of Norwich.  The house is tiny but the garden is huge.  Sadly it is a bit overgrown at the moment, ok maybe it’s a jungle, but I am positive it can be tamed.  There is a black & white cat that lives in the house with us, his name is Ollie.  He will acknowledge our presence if his food bowl is empty, at which point we are screamed at until it is full again.  Otherwise it is our mission to keep the window sills clear of all objects or he will clear them for us.  I keep threatening to get a puppy…

I have been a crafter all of my life.  My Mother started me off crocheting when I was old enough to hold the hook, she says I was five years old. I only have real projects dating back to when I was ten years old.  But at my age we can give or take a year or two (or five).  I still crochet and have at least one project on the go at all times, because you never know when you will need to pick up that hook instead of beating someone or something to extinction. (Any crafter knows SAC:  Stop, move Away, Craft.  It will improve your mood.  Yeah, I made that up, but honestly let’s make it a THING)  I also knit and have several socks to show for it.  You might have noted that I did not say pairs of sox… Moving on. 

There has been, for me, many painting, drawing, sculpting, and pottery classes over the years; but I never settled on a single craft until a rubber stamp found it’s way into my hands.  From that point it was true love.  I think I have stamped on everything.  I even stamped my daughter one year as part of her Halloween costume (she was Poison Ivey from Batman series) body paint stamps quite well as long as your subject is not moving.  These days I do tamer things like cards, scrapbooks and boxes/wrapping paper.  But I am always up for a challenge.  Which is why I joined Stampin’Up and why I write this blog.  There is so much to do and see and share out there.  Come with me and let’s do this together!

You can find me here, on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I hope to see you there!