Kit Includes:

4 handmade blank cards
4 envelopes
2 ‘Happy Birthday’ greetings
1 ‘Hello There’ greeting
1 ‘Thank You’ greeting
1 ‘Hooray!’ greeting
1 ‘Celebrate You’ greeting
1 strip of adhesive Dimensionals


For the larger greeting you will need three Dimensionals and two Dimensionals for the smaller greetings.

Since birthday cards are by far the most popular cards there are two birthday greetings enclosed, as a Hello, a Thank You and two all purpose greetings. The all purpose greetings can be used in many ways, the ‘Hooray’ can celebrate a birthday, a new baby, a graduation, an event or any time a goal or level has been reached. Truly this can be used in so many ways; it is the most versatile of the greetings. The last greeting, the Celebrate You can also be used as a birthday greeting, a congratulations greeting or any achievement. And don’t forget you can also just use the blank cards to write letters or notes.

The cards are designed so that any greetings work on any of the cards. However you may find that you prefer some of the color combinations over others.

See photos for some suggested placements.