Image shows three each of five different tags you can make with the Festive Tags Kit from Stampin'Up. The theme is cartoon/graphic style images of trees, snowmen, flowers and wreaths.  Main colors are pink dark pink, light blue, dark blue & green.

Why would I buy a Stampin’Up Crafting Kit? Good question. I have put together a few bullet points to answer:

1. Kits are pre-designed, pre-cut, and all-inclusive, which means that anyone can have a successful crafting experience with them.

2. Crafting kits make great gifts for friends and family—think birthdays, Christmas, etc.

3. If you are either busy, low on storage space, or both, card making kits may be a perfect way for you to enjoy a bit of creativity. With so many kits to choose from, there’s something for everyone! And each card making kit comes in a neat reusable box, great for storage.

4. New kits are released regularly, so there’s always something to look forward to.

5. Kits are portable. You can take them anywhere and start crafting in minutes. (Read: take along for when it pours down rain on your holiday)

Image shows three different greeting cards and their envelopes, all with a kaleidoscope theme. The main colors are peach, light blue, navy and gray. These are the cards featured in the Stampin'Up Colorful Kaleidoscope Card Making kit.

6. For card emergencies, having a kit or two on hand means quick access to beautiful, easy-to-make cards.

7. Need something to re-start dwindling crafting mojo? Card making kits can be the answer!

8. And finally for the experienced crafter, you know who you are. You would not dream of buying a pre-made kit, those are for beginners (I fall into this category). Well listen up! These kits contain high quality Stampin’Up supplies. Some have stamps and supplies that are not available any other way except for in the kit. The instructions are just suggestions on how to put the kit items together. There is nothing stopping you from adding your own supplies and magnificence. In fact there are quite a few Stampin’Up demonstrators out there who have made videos of doing just that. Who knows maybe I will do a video myself.

I have personally purchased three of the kits so far.

Image shows two of each of four different cards featuring a globe and a pocket watch. Colors are tan, black, blue & maroon.  These are the cards featured in the Timeless Greeting Card Making kit from Stampin'Up

I have personally purchased three of the kits so far. The first one was the Timeless Greetings (pictured left). I had been looking for a simple watch face stamp for a long time. Also the darker colors were attractive to me. Because sometimes finding a card that has a masculine feel is difficult. Who knows why darker colors are considered more masculine than pale or pastel colors, it is just a thing. I was so pleased with the whole kit and have used up everything in it. Except the stamps, block and ink of course I continue to use those on other projects.

Image features three designs of birthday cards, one is a large cake, one is square with the words Let's party and the third is a see through window. Each card is a "shaker' card. 
 The colors are peach, white, dark blue, light blue and bright green/yellow. These are the cards featured in the Stampin'Up Confetti Birthday Card Making Kit.

The second kit I purchased was the Confetti Birthday Kit. I was curious about shaker cards because they always seemed like a lot of trouble and fuss with minimal impact. But who does not like a bit of ‘shiny’ in their lives? Thanks to the kit I now know that the fuss is minimal and the fun is big. Not only did I enjoy putting this card kit together, but I did not make any alterations, each card was made exactly as instructed. And the recipients have been quite impressed that I made it myself.

Image is of a simple wreath, plain circle with a large bunch of dark & light peach and yellow flowers to one side.  The flowers and leaves are artfully made from paper.  This is a photo of the finished product of the Stampn'Up wreath of blooms kit.

The third kit was purchased to alter. I needed a small housewarming gift. A nice box frame was purchased from the local craft store. Next I made up the Wreath of Blooms Kit without the wreath part. Crumb Cake card stock formed the mat base. The ‘blooms’ were tucked into the corner as shown on the wreath example. Vanilla card stock was used like a secondary mat. The phrase “Thinking of you with all my heart” from the Peaceful Moments stamp set was stamped about the center of the mat. (She loved it, it sits on her night stand.) I wish I had been smart enough to take a photo of it to show you.

Image is of the Stampin'Up Tag Making Kit called Christmas Gifting.  Featuring three tags with traditional Christmas images of reindeer, tree & star.  Main colors are red, green and dark green with the images in black silhouette.

So you see, these card making kits really are for everyone. The best part is they are on sale this month! It’s the best time to give them a try. I am about to order several more card making kits while they are on sale. All of the kits pictured in this blog are linked below along with a few others that I plan to purchase during the sale. Right now I am looking forward to the Christmas Gifting Kit (pictured on the right). I LOVE those stamps; they can be used all year round.

As always, I hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration to take on something new. If you fancy any of the kits shown, just click their pictures to be taken to the online store for more details. If you are interested and want to browse our complete kit selection click here to be taken to the Kits section of the store.

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