This wonderful fun fold card has been popular on YouTube for quite a while now. All of the measurements I found were in imperial designations (inches, feet, yards). Because I have metric A-4 card stock, the imperial measurements don’t quite work. So I sat down and re-created this fun fold for us metric folk. My resulting card is a bit longer (about 1cm) and not quite as wide (-5mm) as the imperial versions that I found on the web. Finished it measures 9.7cm by 14.2cm. and will also require a C-6 envelope.  Also take a close look at the front medallion.  This is a sneak peak at a brand new stamp & die bundle that will be available as an online exclusive July 6th.

14.8cm x 29.7cm Sweet Sorbet Card Stock
3 – 9.6cm x 14.2cm pieces of Sweet Sorbet Card Stock
3 – 6cm circles of Basic White Card Stock
7.6cm circle die, from the Stylish Shapes Die Set (largest circle)
The hobnail dot embossing folder from the Basic Embossing Folder Set
Timeless Charm Bundle, stamp + die set* Coming Soon! Images at Stampin’Up ©

For the card base, cut a strip 6.2cm from the long side of your Sweet Sorbet A-4 card stock, set aside for another use. The card base should now measure 14.8cm x 29.7cm

With the long side at the top of your paper trimmer or simply scored tool, work across your page, scoring at 5cm, 99cm, 14.9cm, 19.8 cm, fold on each score line creating an accordian like shape (see photo).

Using another piece of Sweet Sorbet cut 3 inside ‘mats’ each measuring 9.6cm x 14.2. Using the largest circle in the stylish shapes die set, cut
circles from the center of each of the three matts, be sure to line them up so that the circles are in the same place on each mat. Next emboss each of these mats with the hobnail embossing folder (from the Basic 3D Embossing Folders set).

Cut three 6cm circles from the basic white card stock, you can use stylish shapes die, the one just smaller than the one used for the ‘mats’. Or if you have it, the new 2″ (5.1cm) Circle Punch. Decorate these with any of your stamps and dies. This versatile card style can take any design you can throw at it.

Now comes the tricky part of this card. Working on the section to the far right right (the largest one) line up and glue down one of your ‘mats’. Now line up your chosen circle in the blank space in the center and glue down. Next fold the center section over (it will cover half of the bit you just finished. Align the 2nd circle with the first and glue to the right half of the card. Next fold over the last flap and take the last circle (top most one) and repeat, aligning it with the two previous circles. This is confusing to write and probably read so just take a look at the picture of the card laid out. On two of the circles you will only be putting glue on half of the circle.

If every thing goes perfectly here (famous last words) you can now flatten the center of the card and line up the mat to surround the center circle. Make tiny marks along the center fold line. Remove the mat and cut apart at those marks. Next glue down each half of the mat. Please note you should need to cut off a sliver of the mat where the fold is, if you look closely at the top photo you can barely see it but there a small space at the top and bottom fold that sticks out when folded up. But you really have to look closely. This picture was very close up so you can see details.  Now do the same for the top layer.

If everything does not go perfectly, fudge in the spacing, my center layer fit tightly between the folds, which seemed weird as the mat seemed to fit just fine before being glued down. Also the front circle did not wind up being completely centered on the mat when opened. Again a bit of fudging to get it to look right. Since the mat was the same color of the card stock it is nearly impossible to see that these are not perfectly aligned. I highly recommend using the same color card stock for the mat and card base.

On a personal note: I made another card similar to this one (sadly I did not photograph it) and the measurements came out perfect. Apparently at that hour not only were the stars aligned but my card stock was also celestially inspired. My point is don’t give up or become overly critical. It took me a while to realize that each card recipient does not hold the card up close for inspection and/or get out a ruler to be sure every thing is centered and perfect. I don’t know if I will send the red card out but I can tell you the others are already gone at time I am writing this blog. So give this a go and if the stars are being funky just grab some awesome DSP or even a different color of plain card stock and use the design for the crushed curry and/or the pecan pie card up next.

For the Pecan Pie (on the right) card I cut four 4cm x 14cm and one 9.4cm x 14cm pieces of the wonderful DSP Earthen Elegance. I glued them to the corresponding panels on the card (the larger piece at the back). I placed the circles directly on the DSP. For the crushed curry card (below) I cut the same mats as in the brown card from a discontinued DSP plus a another piece of crushed curry card stock measuring  9.4cm x 14cm. As in the directions for the Sweet Sorbet card I cut a center circle using the large circle from stylish shapes and then embossed the crushed curry, this time I used the Linen folder from the same 3D Basic Embossing folder set. I glued down the DSP first then the crushed curry and then centered my greeting as instructed in the Sweet Sorbet card.

As a final word, I would like to thank Jackie Bolhuis. I consider this lady the ‘master’ of the fun fold. So if you are looking for the imperial measurements please check out Jackie Bolhius at Klompen She has a design for this card as part of her Fun Folds Volume 3 set.

You can find the complete written instructions for the Volume 3 set Here

You can also catch Jackie on YouTube making all the cards from Volume 3 on Youtube Here

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