Have you ever thought about owing your own business?  I know that many people have, but it is always that whole getting started thing…  Where? How? When? What will I do?  And what about the pressure?  What if you don’t succeed?  If you have ever had these thoughts, you may want to consider becoming a Stampin’Up demonstrator.  It’s a relatively small money investment and a relatively small quarterly sales goal to keep your business going. So now you might be thinking, ok HOW small?

Let me answer some of those questions.  First off you can start right here.  Start by clicking on the picture of the starter kit (to the left). It will take you to the Stampin’Up web site where you can pick out £154/207€ of products (any products you want, please let me repeat this, any products you want) and pay only £99/129€. (OH! look there did you see it? £99/129€ the price to get started in your own business). You can do this in your own home, on your computer, tablet or phone. I would be your team leader and I will help you every step of the way, your personal consultant.  Stampin’Up also has the Stampin University which will help you with things like doing social media, holding classes, setting business goals, there’s a marketing tool kit that gives you all of the current photos of what’s new and happening.  Stampin’Up excels at keeping you informed and helping you to keep your customers informed. (See that slick professional pic above? Yep, it came from the marketing tool kit).

So I think I have answered the questions of where, what and how. Now let’s tackle the scary bit. (play dramatic music here) What do I need to do to succeed after I purchase the kit. And what if I don’t succeed?

Here it is in a nutshell: Maintain a quarterly (three months) minimum sales (products purchased from Stampin’Up) of roughly £276 in catalogue priced products. This works out, after your discount, to about £2.55 a day (less than a cup of café coffee). Stampin’Up wants to help you to succeed, so your first sales minimum is not checked until the end of the 2nd quarter, that’s six months from your start date. Most people find it easy to make the £276 in six months. Simply put if you sign on in now your minimum is not calculated until December.

But what if you don’t purchase that much product within six months? What if you change your mind and decide this is not for you? Just walk away. No problems, no worries, no stress, it just means that you are no longer a demonstrator. No one calls you and bugs you, no one is “disappointed” in you. (Geez, don’t you hate that whole disappointed thing? Ugh!) The only possibly negative here is that you will no longer receive your %20 discount on Stampin’Up products.

Discount? Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the discount. After you become a demonstrator you receive %20 off all of your orders. As your levels of sales increase so does your discount. And that quarterly sales minimum is catalog prices not your discounted price.

I hope I have answered all of your questions but I suspect not. I think there might be just one more really cheeky oneWhat If You Don’t Want to Be a Demonstrator? But you would love to get £154/207€ of products and pay only £99/129€ AND have that nifty %20 discount for the next six months. Go on, ask me, can I actually do that? YES YES YES! I am serious when I say there is no catch, caveat, cheat codes or anything mysterious. Just click on the box, make your order and enjoy. I will probably send you an email and ask of you need or want any help. But that’s just good customer service and truly all options are yours.  So?  What are you waiting for?  Click that box!


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